Picture and your favourite people create a completely unique piece of artwork at the reception of your wedding for you to keep forever and remember the best day ever!

With no art skills required, you & your guests will come together to create a textured artwork piece, made up of abstract strokes in your chosen colour scheme. Each paint stroke will build up on the canvas or wood, becoming a personalised design that reflects your day. With my Calligraphy added, we can create the perfect new piece of home decor - something you could never buy in store!


1 - I will work with you to decide what size, material and colours you want your piece to be.

2 - I will prep the material ahead of your big day with your chosen calligraphy wording.

3 - On the day of your wedding, I will arrive for your reception, and work with your guests to design the bespoke piece, using three shades of colour.

4 - I will take the artwork home to complete, seal and make sure it is perfect for you.

5 - I will send your artwork to you within 2 weeks after your wedding, for you to display forever in your home.