Up-cycle your wedding signage

Up-cycle your wedding signage

Decorating your wedding day in a personalised way is key to making your day bespoke to you and I highly recommend seeing what options, small or big, fit within your theme and ideas. 

But what do you do with your wonderful hand created signs after your wedding day, you might wonder? 

Well there are a few things I would recommend to up-cycle your signs and I can help make sure the designs work perfectly for years to come. 



Table signs are a great way to remember your favourite people that shared your big day with you. Especially if you have an intimate wedding party. 

Keep the title personal to you, with names or a quote that won’t test time and maybe add table names that represent moments in your relationship. 

The below photo is exactly what this couple did. With their names as heading and each table named after pubs they have fond memories at, it is such a special piece that now hangs in their kitchen. A reminder of their perfect day. 



When it comes to designing your wedding signs, we can work together to make sure the wording isn’t specific to the wedding day specifically. With subtle changes using just your names and date or your favourite quotes, mean these pieces can become decor for your home after the special day. 

Create a ‘Mr & Mrs’ sign with your date and place it in your bedroom or living room. 

Or keep your welcome sign simple and use it in your hallway as a welcome sign. 



Let your guests enjoy the special touches you have added to your day too, by creating something they can take away with them. 

Usually this would be in the form or place cards or favours, or double them up to be an all in 1. 

With our wedding, I created wooden slices as our place cards. Each one personalised to our guests, finished with a soft linen ribbon. Everyone took theirs away with them as a keepsake of the day and even said they would use them as decorations at Christmas….a lovely idea! 

wedding place cards on a grey wooden slice with dyed silk cotton in pastel pinks



When they say your wedding goes by in a flash, they really do mean it! And you will be swept away with trying to enjoy it, whilst talking to everyone. With all this happening, the small moments and conversations can be forgotten. 

This is why I love creating bespoke guest books. They can be created big or small, however the smaller ones are perfect to keep at hand in your home to always look back through, filled with memories and messages from your loved ones. 

Grey unique wooden guestbook with kraft jute. Decorated with personalised Calligraphy initials and floral illustration


We spend so much time planning our weddings, for it to be just one day. So how can you make your wedding signage last a lifetime? Check out our range here and get in touch with me with your ideas of what you might want to add to your day and I will help create the perfect design. 

Happy Wedding Planning! 


Charlotte xo

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