Modern Calligraphy: Learn the basics (+ FREE worksheet)

Modern Calligraphy: Learn the basics (+ FREE worksheet)

So you want to begin your lettering journey? That is super exciting, I would love to help you.

When you begin lettering, it is so easy to want to jump in and write everything in calligraphy. I did and I missed the basic steps as I wasn’t completely aware of them at the time.
Because I missed these steps when I first began, it meant I had to go back to these and learn them which changed my style and technique much further down the line.

Let me help you get started on the right track, right from the beginning!

The basic strokes are single strokes that together make up every letter in the alphabet. It may be unclear now but trust me, when you begin putting them together it makes sense and you will see letters come together in no time.

By learning the basics first, you will learn how to form your letters, how to space them correctly and this will make your words look clean and consistent.
Another rule to be aware of from the beginning, no matter what type of calligraphy you are learning, are what the upstrokes & down strokes are and where these need to go in your lettering. These are the thicker and thinner lines on your letters and they are created depending on if you are moving in an ‘UPWARD’ Vs a ‘DOWNWARD direction’ with your pen.

An ‘UPWARD’ stroke should be a thin line
A ‘DOWNWARD’ stroke should be a thick line

P.S remember, calligraphy is a slow process. Take your time with each stoke and don’t believe the time lapse videos that make it look super quick and easy! 

With these two rules in the bag you will be on your way to learning how to create beautiful calligraphy.

Download our free basic strokes worksheet and start working on your journey with me.

Need more space to practice because you love it so much? Amazing, download our extra guide line page here!


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