How he proposed!

How he proposed!

ENGAGED! It sounds so grown up and still a little surreal but with the wedding plans starting, I wanted to take this is experience and share it with you all.

We are aiming to get married in 2021 and according to the multiple Pinterest posts I have looked at, I should start planning, sort a budget and pick a theme.

But before all that madness starts, I wanted to share 'how it happened'. How did my fiancé (which is still weird to say) ask me to be his wife?

First off, let me tell you a bit about us. Me and Jordan celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 12th March. When I think back to us 6 years ago it seems crazy. We were finishing school, had no idea what we wanted to do, and Jordan didn’t have a huge beard or tattoos!

But roll on 6 years and here we are, we have our own businesses, a flat and now are planning a day that we have spoken about for a long time.

We wanted to celebrate our anniversary but had so much going on, so we decided to postpone until our weekend away later in March. We were going away for work a work weekend - little did I know it wouldn’t be that at all.

We arrived in Canterbury and took a stroll into town before coming back and getting ready for dinner.

We began to get ready that night, me taking a lot longer than Jordan as usual, so he was patiently waiting in the living room. Finally, I was ready and joined him for a pre-dinner drinking game (how most nights out start for us) and exchange gifts.

I had my can of Malibu and he had his bottle of Cider, despite the fancy wine that was given with the Airbnb; we set up a game of ride the bus (which if you haven’t played you should, it’s the best drinking game ever) and I passed Jordan his present, which was a wallet might I add (he needed a new one okay and we had just bought a flat haha!)

He loved it nonetheless.

Then it was his turn. I was distracted and talking about something random, so he had to stall but got me to stop talking eventually and slid a scrabble box towards me. At this point I had no idea and just began to open the box (thinking, I don’t play scrabble) but as I opened the box I realised “baby I’m yours – Arctic Monkeys” was playing in the background and my heart dropped. At this point I should explain that we had spoken about this song being our song when the day did come around in the future.

My heart I’m sure had stopped, and this is when the longest 5 seconds began. I lifted the lid and spelt out were the words “baby I’m yours”. I looked up at him, not quite believing what was going on and in the laid back manner Jordan always has, he said the words.

I was so surprised, not at the fact he wanted to marry me because we have always spoken about our future, but just because the moment was actually happening. The moment I had spoken to my girls about so many times was happening. Obviously, I said yes!

And just like that we were engaged.

I had always said I loved the cute engagement videos and would love it to be like that when the time came, and I must add that Jordan did take this on board. He tried to film the moment under cute fairy lights in the garden we had but I ruined it by not taking the lights with me…whoops (I didn’t know okay!)

But I am so glad it happened how it did. It was us. Just a relaxed night, with our cans of favourite drinks, our favourite drinking game and the two of us, followed by a Mexican and of course cocktails. Perfect.

So that’s that, I am a Fiancé and that “work” weekend will be one I will never forget. And the craziness that comes with planning a wedding can begin.


I will be blogging each step of the way right up to our big day so stay tuned if you want to know all things wedding.


Thanks for reading! Charlotte xo

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