How can I make my wedding interactive?

How can I make my wedding interactive?

Your wedding day is going to be something you will remember forever. You and your favourite people will bring it up throughout the years and reminisce over the details you spent months planning! And because of this it's natural to want to plan the best wedding day with memorable experiences. 

One way to make your wedding unforgettable is by adding a live artist. Live art is a perfect way to make your wedding interactive this year and will no doubt get your guests talking for years. 

Here are my favourite ways to add live art to your wedding day and why it can be a great investment. 


Live Wedding Texture Painting: With no artskills required, the guests can leave their mark on your canvas, creating a unique abstract artwork piece, around a hand lettered message. A lovely alternative wedding guest book that you can display in your home, remembering who was a part of your best day and cherishing the wedding forever. 

Calligraphy Art: A great idea is to collaborate a Calligraphy Artist with your wedding favours - giving each guest a personlised gift to take home that they have watched being created. An idea of this can be bookmarks, Christmas decorations, notes and more…



Adding a live artist to your wedding day can capture your guests attention and make them feel like they are a part of your day in more than one way. 

Asking the guests to help create a piece of textured art can be a super fun way to break the ice and keep your guests occupied during moments where you can’t talk to them all. It is also an amazing conversation starter - people will be asking what the piece of artwork is, where it will be kept and also be joking about whose strokes are who's on the canvas. 


For me, the best part about adding interactive art to your wedding is the bespoke artwork you get as a result.  

It is a one of a kind piece, created by your favourite people - I mean you can’t get better than that. Whether it's hung up in your hallway or displayed in your bedroom, you will be able to remember your best day every time you look at it.



If these wedding ideas feel like they would be the perfect addition to your wedding day, I would love to talk with you about how I can help. 


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