Besties become Bridesmaids!

Besties become Bridesmaids!



I got a bit emotional writing this one because it made me reflect on the years I have spent with these girls. What we have all been through and what amazing people they have grown up to be!
They have been my best friends for over 10 years and well my cousin has had the pleasure since my birth (lucky her) so sharing this with them is so special.

Talking about getting married and growing up is always something that would come up with your besties over the years and when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time it becomes the hot topic. The girls have been saying for quite a while now, you’ll be engaged by the end of the year and I guess they know best because it happened (and Jordan didn’t tell them).

I was so excited to tell them all they were going to be my bridesmaids and wanted to tell them straight away, but I probably wouldn’t have made it to my wedding day if they found out via WhatsApp! So I decided to get them all together, well the ones I could as they live busy lives ha-ha, and told them we had been accepted on a flat (which they didn’t know about either) and we needed to celebrate. They were so excited about it, so keeping an even bigger secret from them was so funny.

I had the idea that I would put the photos of the flat on my IPAD and show them altogether, with the picture of my ring at the end – good idea right, they wouldn’t have had a clue!

Well I thought it was a good idea, and they didn’t have a clue, because when they got to the end photo, they just swiped past it – I was thinking are you joking?!

In their defence they thought it was an itchy & sketchy post but still, come on girls. 

After telling them to go back and look at it again, that’s when it hit them. Screaming and a lot of 'oh my’s’ followed and this was exactly what I had hoped for. It was the best. (reaction video is on my instagram!)

But that was only 4 of the bridesmaids that had been told as the others weren’t able to make it so we had to do some facetiming to tell the rest of them – their reactions were so good, it makes me smile like a goof every time I think about it.

The last to know they were a bridesmaid was my cousin and she had to wait a couple weeks to find out which was so hard, but we got there in the end.

What made telling Paige, so special was not just because she had been someone, I had shared so many memories with since I was a little girl. But because she had just become a Mummy to her own little girl, who I asked to be our Flower girl first – that brought on her tears for sure. And then she opened her gift with my question and that was it, tears everywhere!

A lot of emotions and moments to take in right? After all of that there was just one very important little lady that needed to be told she was our last Flower girl – Jordan's little sister. Jayda is just over a year old so I guess she doesn’t really know what’s going on but we enjoyed the moment of showing her the gift, mostly she just put it in her mouth but her smiles were enough to make us so happy and excited.

And that was that, 7 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls ready for the big day 💗

The whole experience of asking my favourite people to be a part of our day was so special and overwhelming so I can only imagine what a mess I will be through this whole thing, but I wouldn’t do it with anyone else.

I can’t wait to go on this crazy adventure with them and make more lifetime memories (but no more embarrassing ones because I’m not giving Ellie any fuel for her speech!) 


Speak soon,

Charlotte xo

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