5 Ideas for your 'should have been wedding day'

5 Ideas for your 'should have been wedding day'

I am now officially a Bride who has seen her wedding date come and go and I won’t lie to you, it’s not the coolest club to be a part. 

BUT it sure is an amazing community full of strong, persevering couples who are taking it in their stride to get the day that is perfect for them, big or small, now or in the future, the wedding industry has come together to support each other so much in the last 14 months. 

I had come to terms with the fact our wedding wasn’t happening but we really didn’t want to stay in doors on our should have been wedding day, like we have done the last year! 

I was racking my brain trying to think of something we could do in the restrictions that meant it could still be memorable for us. After all 2 years of planning went into this day, it shouldn’t have to just pass by like a normal day. 

Some of you lovely couples might be in this position and still have your big day up in the air or just want to spend a day to focus on you and your special person. So I thought I would share what we did to celebrate our day and hopefully it will help you guys make yours memorable and special too.


1. Visit the place you got engaged

For us this was Canterbury, Kent. In March 2019, we spent the weekend in an AirBnB to celebrate our anniversary and whilst I gave my now fiance a watch, he passed over an engagement ring. Safe to say I had some catching up to do! 

We booked a night away in Canterbury again on what should have been our wedding night which was lovely. It made us get out of the house for a change and see something new. We wandered through the town remembering things we did before and just took in each other's company without any distractions. It was the best!


2. Get dressed up for dinner

Whilst in Canterbury we went for a lovely dinner and even though I ended up buying yet another scarf that day because it was so cold sitting outside, it felt so good to have a reason to put some make-up on and treat ourselves. Drinks, delicious food, amazing company, more drinks and of course Garlic Bread because it wouldn’t be my day without it.


3. Give each other a small token gift 

I really wanted to get my Fiancé something small that represented the day. I didn’t really want anything with the new wedding date (just in case!) so I searched Etsy for another amazing small business that could help. 

I had seen these Spotify products around and LOVED the idea so I decided to get a small keychain with your first dance song engraved. Just scan it on Spotify and voila, you can have your first dance, early or not! 

This keychain was from a small business called Itty Bitty Fox.

Personalised Spotify Keychain


4. Write each other a letter 

Personally we have decided to not write our own vows for the ceremony and instead we planned on saying them privately after the wedding. So I thought, why not write each other a letter now? We both wrote private words to each other that will now be sealed and put away until the wedding day. We will decide to open them in the morning whilst getting ready or again wait until we are alone but I loved being able to get my words down for the future. 

Personalised Wedding Vow book
5. Decorate your home for a cosy night in

Dig out those Christmas lights and make your home a cosy little sanctuary. 

Whether it's a night on the sofa surrounded by your quilt, favourite films and ALL the snacks. Or setting the scene for a romantic dinner for 2. You can make your home feel special with just a few objects you probably have around the house already! 

Romantic night in


I really hope this helps you plan something special for your day whether you want to go all out or just spend time with each other, no distractions! 

With just two months to go (crossing everything) until our amazing industry can hopefully open back up again properly, we can see light at the end of the tunnel. 

You brides out there are amazing! Your day will be beautiful and special no matter how it ends up and you remember to do what YOU want to do, not what others think you should do. 

Good Luck!

Charlotte xo

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