Wedding Signage: What should I have on my day?

Wedding Signage: What should I have on my day?

Bespoke wedding day signage can make a huge difference to your wedding day and should be a part of your initial plans, if you are looking for venue decoration. 


Why should you get personalised wedding signage? 

  • It is your moment to really bring your personality through to the theme and decor 
  • It can be used in every part of the day and can create a great consistency
  • It helps give direction to your guests and the staff so you don’t need to worry on your big day
  • We can create a design that can still work after the wedding as a part of your home and the perfect keepsake 

But are you thinking, where do I start? What signs should go where? 

When I am planning a wedding sign package, I find it best to walk through the day step by step and decide which signs would work in the venue and ultimately what you would like to include.

So let me walk you through a typical wedding day. 


Entrance - 

This is the first thing your guests will see when they arrive so it’s your time to make them welcome right away. 

This is the best place to include items such as a welcome sign, directional arrows or an order of the day. 

Grey wedding welcome sign on easel

Ceremony - 

Next up your guests will likely be brought through to the ceremony area. 

During your ceremony, there are a couple of things to think about and signage can help with all of this. 

Personally, I think one of the most important signs to have is an unplugged ceremony announcement. If you are paying money for a photographer or videographer, you want to let them get their best shots and by asking your guests to put away their phones, means they will be able to do this! 

Other items you could have in this room could include reserved tags, quotes that run down the aisle, a seating plan or ‘no sides plan’, a beautiful backdrop and lastly a lovely touch to have is an ‘in loving memory’ sign, placed along the front row for your special people. 

Hanging wedding signage, with unplugged ceremony sign in grey and seating plan in pastel pink. Spring theme

Dinner & Reception - 

This is the moment that things can get really creative, with so many options and I love it! 

During dinner, you have a chance to bring through personalised touches for each guest. With hand lettered place cards or favours, these are items that they can keep and remember your special day. 

On top of that you can bring through your theme to your table decorations. From lettered table numbers (in SO many styles), bespoke menus or a table top banner which sits right in front of you. 

wedding table number hand lettered on pastel bottle in calligraphy

As you move into the night, the signage doesn’t have to stop there. Always make sure your venue brings through any relevant signage to your reception, for example your welcome sign, so that you evening guests can see the beautiful piece too. 

Then you can get creative with the signs you want to include. 

Are you having a sweet or cake table? You could choose a small menu of the selection or a sweet quote. 

Do you have a guestbook for them to sign? We can create directional signs for them to sign it correctly. 

Are you accepting gifts and cards? We can create an area for this to be located for your guests to safely drop those items off. 

Other items you could include during the night could be a bar menu or even create signature cocktails, representing you both for your best people to try. 

grey wedding sign, hand lettered in calligraphy with song quote


There are so many possibilities when it comes to wedding signage. From design to materials that can be included and I love to work on them all! 

If you want to find out more about planning your wedding journey you can check out my complete Bride Guide here, which is full of tips and tricks from one Bride who has already gone through it. 

If you would like to chat about your signage ideas, I would love to help you. Just pop me a message and we can begin getting creative with your big day! 

Love, Charlotte xo 

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